Rydhima Brar

R/terior Studio

Rydhima Brar is a Los Angeles-based designer who originally studied business and finance in New York, in pursuit of a successful career in marketing. Her love of design drew her to change careers, as she developed a style that is luxe and editorial, while still approachable and functional. R/terior Studio designs both commercial and residential spaces that incorporate her preference for bold colors and unique pieces, Rydhima was named a House Beautiful Next Wave Designer in 2022 and has been featured in Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, Forbes, VOGUE Arabia, Luxe, The Wall Street Journal and more.

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Rydhima’s Favorites

Unique Collectible

I collect vintage magazines, shoes and different types of stones.

Place to Find Inspiration

I find inspirations in a myriad of ways: online, movies, cocktails, clothes, fashion & shelter magazines. But the best way to truly feel inspired for me is to go to a new place, such as a city, restaurant, bar or art galleries.

Go-to Gathering

A fabulous, themed cocktail party with mouth-watering craft cocktails!

Sean Dagen Photography

My Rowe Design by Rydhima Brar

Entertaining was foremost in Rydhima’s mind when creating her My Rowe Design space. “I wanted to create a space that was all about socializing and celebrating,” says the designer, aligning with “my inner desire to design a speakeasy or a cocktail bar.” With gatherings in mind, Rydhima focused on a moody palette, heavy on texture and pattern for a luxurious, elevated aesthetic. Beautiful conversation pieces such as the Florence Sofa and Reena Modular create a welcoming layout in which guests can socialize and mingle easily. “The Reena Modular can be designed in so many fun combinations,” says Rydhima, who favors a “tete-a-tete” arrangement. “The Florence Sofa,” she adds, “is sleek, has curves, has a contemporary profile but also is extremely comfortable, which is a rare find.”

“I love throwing cocktail parties, and that is what I envisioned myself or a client doing in this space.”

“These pieces can almost fit any design aesthetic seamlessly.”

Photo by Frank Francis

Ultimately, Rydhima’s inspiration was about creating a mood, a cozy and enveloping experience for guests to enjoy. “One of the best ways of achieving that,” says the designer, “is by mixing materials, textures and patterns.” The light blue of the Florence Sofa stands out against a gorgeous accent wall that combines wallpaper and wooden details, adding a homey and cozy touch that brings warmth and softness to the space. “The series of the mirrors on the adjacent wall brings the glam quotient up,” says Rydhima, but “the earthy and jewel tones of the Reena Modular and the other pieces balances it out, keeping the space unfussy and casual.” The combination of these elements imbue the room with a sense of welcoming luxury that makes it a perfect place to gather and mingle in style.

“In terms of new designs and trends for fall, I think it is going to be more about color — mixing and matching pieces within the same piece.”

Pablo Enriquez Photography