Nicole Salceda

Eye For Pretty

Nicole Salceda’s career in interiors began as a passion for making polished, functional design more accessible. After beginning her career in the field of education, she founded her Danville, CA-based interior design studio to create homes that reflect her warm, minimalist style. The Eye for Pretty team serves clients in the Bay Area, assembling elements that are old, new, handmade, and thrifted to craft spaces that are understated yet full of life. Each refined detail is a testament to Nicole’s “eye for pretty,” her distinct penchant for bringing a room together.

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Design Credit: Eye for Pretty
Photo Credit: Jessica Brydson Photography

Nicole Salceda’s Favorites

Rowe Piece

The Boden Sofa — from the long bench seat cushion to the cozy fill and fabric, this is a classic piece that not only is a best seller but one I have in my own home, and I love it!

Go-to Material

When it comes to performance fabrics, Crypton is king. We design for so many busy families, it's a must!

Place to Find Inspiration

I often have very vivid dreams that inspire me. Sometimes they are design-related, sometimes business-driven, and sometimes they are just things that make me a better person.

My Rowe Design by Eye For Pretty

Nicole’s inspiration began with the multitude of upholstered pieces available from Rowe and Robin Bruce, resulting in a cozy conversation area featuring our Florence and Boden sofas, a pair of Bernie Swivel chairs and a pair of Cleo ottomans. “I definitely am inspired by frame styles first,” says Nicole, explaining, “I feel by choosing the frame first, it dictates what direction you want to go in with the fabric and color story.” A palette of creamy whites and warm neutral performance fabrics provides an easygoing complement to Nicole’s streamlined, comfortable seating selections. “My favorite design element of the space is the blend of light and dark,” adds Nicole, who opted for high contrast artwork along with dark wood and black accents to help ground the space.

“The performance-friendly fabrics mixed with linen and wood [in My Rowe Design] is a signature Eye for Pretty blend.”

“You could easily spend a night [in this space] watching TV, or kick the kids out and host your friends for drinks. I truly believe this would be a space most people would love to spend time in!”

Entertaining and relaxation were both of the utmost importance to Nicole when dreaming up her My Rowe Design, who ultimately aimed for an elevated, warm, family hangout space. “I thought about a room I would like to spend time in with my family as well as if I were entertaining guests,” says the designer. A mix of durable natural fibers and performance fabrics creates a living area whose beauty will endure for years to come. “This is a space I hope would be multi-functional for the family that lives in it,” Nicole says, adding that, “it’s comfortable and beautiful and really feels like a well-lived-in space.”

“[The space is] put-together but not stuffy, so you feel like you could relax here. It was fun to use some of our favorite Rowe and Robin Bruce pieces!”