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Megan Molten

Megan is a Charleston-based interior designer and product designer renowned for her “Lowcountry Luxe” design style, featuring airy, modern interiors with thoughtful colors drawn from her coastal surroundings. Her eponymous design studio, online shop, and retail shop are a favorite among both local clientele and visitors. Megan’s product design work began in 2022 with Mitzi Lighting and has since expanded, including new collaborations that will debut in 2024. She is a 40 Under 40 award recipient by Charleston Business Journal, and has over 100K devoted social media followers. Megan’s work has also been recognized in top design publications including Southern Living, Domino, Charleston Magazine and Good Housekeeping.

Mount Pleasant, SC
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Megan’s Favorites

Music to Fuel Creativity

Beyoncé. She is the most inspirational artist to me; her music inspires me to work hard, have fun and be authentically you.

Source of Inspiration

Travel, Fashion & Family.

My Rowe Design

Megan’s inspiration for her My Rowe Design came straight from the modern glamour of Paris, envisioning a stylish haven for energizing yet relaxing downtime. She designed this chic lounge space with a fun and feminine aesthetic in mind, created for “the leading ladies in town” to gather for after-work cocktails. In Megan’s imagination, this entrepreneurial crowd would “[discuss] how they are running their businesses and households, while enjoying their beautiful city, family and friends.” A variety of seating arrangements make socializing a breeze, from our slipcovered Odessa Banquettes and upholstered Neoma Benches to a collection of Gigi Ottomans.

I was inspired by the idea of a vintage Parisian cocktail lounge for ladies.

Featured Products

1. Lilith Urn Accent Decor
2. Regis Collection Accent Decor
3. Odessa Slip Dining Banquette, Fabric: 12116-45 Rowe Furniture
4. La Dame Chandelier Regina Andrew
5. Ginkgo Sconce Regina Andrew,
6. Enid Compotes Accent Decor
7. Belly Vase Accent Decor
8. Chimera Marble Wallpaper Mural, Polychrome Mitchell Black
9. Solitary Silhouette & Individual Construction Shadow Catchers
10. Lillian Floor Lamp Regina Andrew
11. Neoma Bench Ottoman, Fabric: 13256-30 & 15295-40 Rowe Furniture
12. Iconic Rug Jaipur Living
13. Gigi Swivel Ottoman, Fabric: 40677-94, 14342-72 & 14645-72 Rowe Furniture,
14. Framework Lucite Column Accent Decor
15. Acropolis Collection Accent Decor
16. Las Positas Drinkware Accent Decor
17. Pomona Drinkware Accent Decor
18. Gigi Swivel Ottoman, Fabric: 114CR-20, 55979-80 & 23347-86 Rowe Furniture

It’s a space to inspire creativity that encourages being bold.

Megan’s lounge is furnished in a warm and inviting palette of sophisticated earth tones, with drinkware and accents in jewel tones and warm silver that complement the aesthetic. Bold wallpaper in a swirled marble pattern reflects the designer’s love of floor-to-ceiling print. “We are using more wallpaper than ever,” says Megan, “it’s the ultimate art on your walls and truly transforms any space.” The assorted Gigi Ottomans uses one of our most versatile pieces to showcase a range of color and pattern that feels like a movable collection of art.

Top Five Design Rules

Greenery is the game changer. Whether you like real or faux, it’s going to transform your house into a home.
Bigger really is better. No need to follow the rules on what size rug or light fixture fits best — go bigger than what’s “expected.”
Mix your metals. Brass, chrome, black can all be pulled together via accessories, fabrics and other finishes.
So long, white sofas and white walls! Giving rooms color makes your furnishings, artwork, lighting look that much better..
Matchy-matchy is out, collected is in. Mix & match your finishes, fabrics, hardware, prints and colors to make your home feel like you’ve lived there for years.

Your dining chairs don’t need to match your dining table, and your nightstands should definitely not match your dresser.

Megan’s Favorite Materials