Lexi Grace Design

Lexi Lundberg

Lexi Grace Design is a Phoenix-based studio that provides full service design work, ranging from building and remodeling to furnishing a space. Founder Lexi Lundberg always aims to create environments that are reflective of the people in them and nurturing of their lifestyles, considering every aspect from textures to materials in order to convey feelings of peace, inspiration, and ease. The Lexi Grace Design team is committed to their motto of going “Beyond Good Design” by working with integrity and partnering with organizations that meet the needs of their communities. Their aim is not only to create beautiful spaces, but homes that invite conversation, laughter, and a sense of belonging.

Gilbert, AZ
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Lexi’s Favorites

Music to Fuel Creativity

Noah Kahan, Late 90s rap and hip hop, Finneas, Mt Joy, and Caamp.

Source of Inspiration

Travel! [Whether] to cities or into nature, with an unplanned sense of discovery and appreciation.

My Rowe Design

Lexi Lundberg’s ultimate inspiration can be summed up in one word: Mysa. This unique term originates in Swedish, translating to “cozy” but reaching beyond simple coziness. “It involves being relaxed,” explains the designer, “spending time with friends, being in the moment and enjoying it with all your senses.” Her My Rowe Design encapsulates this idea perfectly, featuring our streamlined Oaklynn Bed and layers of textiles and rugs, all in a warm neutral palette.

[I wanted] to create a relaxing escape through layered textures with rich tones of earthy neutrals.

Featured Products

1. Leona Rug Jaipur Living
2. Salon Sconce, Small Regina Andrew
3. Oaklynn King Bed, Fabric: 15061-80 Rowe Furniture
4. Brisbane Linen Sham, Natural, King Amity Home
5. Concorde Chandelier Regina Andrew
6. Brisbane Linen Duvet Cover, Natural, King Amity Home
7. Neoma Bench Ottoman, Fabric: 12016-94 Rowe Furniture
8. Gavin, Sand, Super Throw Amity Home
9. Artwork: Seated Figure, View The Hauge, Contemporary Figure I, Cest Au Centerville, Miracle Ready I Shadow Catchers
10. Leander Chair, Fabric: 14861-43 Rowe Furniture
11. Roan Planters Accent Decor
12. Alora Stool Accent Decor
13. Saga Rug Jaipur Living
14. Otto Floor Lamp Regina Andrew
15. Rectangle Ottoman 18”x 62″, Fabric: 12216-75 Rowe Furniture

We envision a person or couple who appreciates a restful environment.

“Our favorite Rowe piece selected for our design is the Leander Chair,” says Lexi, who used a pair of these to create a welcoming spot to enjoy the fireplace. “We absolutely love the scale of the piece,” she adds, “and the ability to curl up in it and relax.” The stylish and soothing curves of the Neoma Bench bring a pop of contrast in a rich shade of cocoa to this sophisticated haven. With mysa in mind, the design team envisioned a space for a laid-back couple to enjoy, “where the responsibilities and worries of the day can fade.”

Top Five Design Rules

LOVE IT, regardless of current trends.
A piece must connect with 90% of the elements in your space.
Layer, layer, layer — both in textures and scale.
No to accent colors, yes to accent texture!
Symmetry is a concept, not a rule.

Lexi’s Favorite Materials