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Kelsey Leigh Design Co.

Kelsey McGregor

Kelsey McGregor has over 10 years of experience in home design and specializes in new home construction design, home remodeling design, and home furnishing & styling. Kelsey Leigh Design Co. is a full-service interior design firm based in Oklahoma that is firmly rooted in the integration of beauty and function, combining Kelsey’s acute attention to detail and love of modern traditional style in every project. Kelsey is fluent in many styles of design but particularly prefers a take on timeless, livable interiors with a contemporary twist. Her designs incorporate the unique viewpoints of each client, and she approaches each project like a puzzle, bringing personality, purpose, and aesthetic together seamlessly toward the ultimate goal of beautiful living.

Oklahoma City, OK
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Kelsey Leigh Design Co.’s Favorites

Source of Design Inspiration

Hands down, it’s travel. I could go to Kearney, Nebraska and find something that inspires me…no offense to Kearney, of course! I also love gathering inspiration from old movies.

Travel Destination

I have always wanted to visit Spain, but haven’t made it there yet. Europe is always an inspiration overload as well. For relaxation and a true vacation though, you can find me at the beach ten times out of ten.

Unique Collectible

I collect parlor kaleidoscopes – people used to use them as entertainment before the age of radio and TV. They are something I love showing friends and spend time looking at with my kids.

My Rowe Design by Kelsey Leigh Design Co.

Kelsey created her My Rowe Design by imagining her ideal client, a world traveler who appreciates beauty and heritage. “She is stylish, sophisticated, and family-oriented,” says Kelsey. The client’s possessions are part of her personal narrative and hold precious memories within them. “She knows that new doesn’t always mean better and quality is non-negotiable,” the designer says. With this in mind, everything in the space feels precious and valued, but also made to be enjoyed by the people most important to the imagined client — her family.

🙶 My Rowe Design is… Warm, Collected, Unexpected

Featured Products

1. Equine Life 4 Shadow Catchers
2. Acropolis Collection – Vase Accent Decor
3. Muse End Table Rowe Occasional
4. Artifact Table Lamp Regina Andrew
5. Moreau 98” Slip Sofa, Fabric: BU102-43, Rowe Furniture
6. Chalk & Flint IV Shadow Catchers
7. Quarry Cocktail Table Rowe Occasional
8. Sands Of Time, Nickel Cyan Design
9. Boden Sofa, Fabric: DR102-75 Rowe Furniture
10. Mirage Cocktail Table Rowe Occasional
11. Dominoes, Black And White Cyan Design
12. Someplace In Time Rug Jaipur Living
13. Cleo 17” Leather Ottoman, Leather: KL210-76 Rowe Furniture
14. Adobe Spot Table Rowe Occasional
15. Brampton Chair, Fabric: JB101-24 Rowe Occasional
16. Huxley, Saddle, Super Throw Amity Home
17. Hattie Sconce Regina Andrew
18. Koda End Table Rowe Occasional

🙶 We wanted to create an approachable, lived-in look that juxtaposed both old and new elements.

The ultimate goal of the design team was to create a space based around their signature vintage modern style. Kelsey’s space delivers this “old meets new” aesthetic by combining the classic forms of our Brampton Chair and Moreau Slip Sofa with more contemporary frames such as the Cleo Ottomans and Boden Sofa, for a look that walks the line between transitional and modern. Warm neutrals are approachable and easy on the eyes, perfect for a welcoming, family-friendly space. A collection of travel-inspired art gives the space a collected feel that suggests a world traveler who appreciates the comfort and charm of home.

If this space was a cocktail, it would be… A French 75

Top Five Essential Elements

Vintage anchor piece like a console, side table or cabinet
Durable rug or carpet
Architecture-inspired lighting
Textural ceramics
Unexpected modern element

🙶 [We’re looking forward to seeing] warmer colors on walls and textiles, and incorporating more vintage in the styling of our spaces.

Top Five Favorite Materials