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Amy Pigliacampo

Amy Pigliacampo Interiors is a Los Angeles-based interior design studio that specializes in residential renovations and intimate commercial projects. After studying fashion design and business, Amy first honed her editorial vision working with top brands and creatives across New York and Los Angeles as a fashion stylist and artistic director. She pivoted to design and launched Amy Pigliacampo Interiors in 2017, now serving a wide range of clients from coast to coast that include high performing creatives and entrepreneurs. On a mission to find the soul of every home she encounters, Amy defines her approach to design as “subtractive.” By peeling back layers of the past, Amy helps her clients realize their ultimate vision for home, creating spaces that are magazine worthy yet rooted in the realities of daily life.

Los Angeles, CA
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Amy’s Favorites

Music to Fuel Creativity

Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Sofia Coppola film soundtracks and surf rock

Source of Inspiration

Vintage design books, movies and road trips

My Rowe Design

The inspiration for Amy’s space stemmed from her extensive background in fashion, the source of a “deep affection for textiles” that often influences her designs. A large-scale Dimitry Sectional Sofa anchors her My Rowe Design space, showcasing a patterned fabric in deep earthy hues that feels both intense and welcoming. “In my work I often seek out bold colors and patterns that might be intimidating to clients,” says Amy, “and find ways to make them relatable and calming.” A palette of warm neutrals and rich shades of umber and rust delivers a moody, modern organic vibe influenced by iconic late midcentury elements.

[My Rowe Design is] an elevated living room inspired by California architecture and entertaining, with a hint of 1970s glamour.

Featured Products

1. Peo Metal Vase Regina Andrew
2. Molten Chandelier Regina Andrew
3. Wires II Shadow Catchers
4. Seaport Planter Accent Decor
5. Houston Sconce Regina Andrew
6. Oasis Credenza Rowe Occasional
7. Marlow Marble Plate Large Regina Andrew
8. Azul Platter Accent Decor
9. Dimitry Sectional, Fabric: 16682-20 Rowe Furniture
10. Bystander Shadow Catchers
11. Theory Cocktail Table Rowe Occasional
12. Archer Planter Accent Decor
13. Eaves EAV01 Rug Jaipur Living
14. Leander Swivel Chair, Fabric: 13295-30 Rowe Furniture
15. Theory Console Table Rowe Occasional
16. Dune End Table Rowe Occasional

I envision this as a family’s second home. They lead a busy city life, but retreat every chance they get to their lake house.

Imagining who might inhabit her space, Amy envisioned it as a vacation retreat for a busy family. “Since they have a robust guest cottage, they invite friends to stay with them often,” she says, “and this is where the adults hang after the littles have gone to bed.” A pair of Leander Swivels in rust leather provide additional seating for a space that’s family-friendly, yet sophisticated enough for adult gatherings. The organic wood grain of our Theory Cocktail Table and natural stone accents combine to create a sense of laid-back retro luxury where a family can kick back in style.

Top Five Design Rules

Plants in every room, with plenty of natural light
Floating furniture whenever possible
Dimmable lighting
Multifunctional furniture that gives you versatility in different spaces
Balance between opposites, such as old and new, light and dark, masculine and feminine, etc

Amy’s Favorite Materials