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Sallie Lord

Sallie Lord is the principal designer of GreyHunt Interiors, which she founded in 2009 in the Washington, DC metro area and recently expanded to the Indianapolis Design Center in Carmel, IN. As a design enthusiast from a young age, Sallie gained valuable real world experience working in a home decor boutique beginning in her teens, and later earned her BA in Interior Design from Marymount University. She believes it is a joy and honor to have the opportunity to transform her clients’ homes, as they are the backdrop to their lives, moments, and memories. Sallie is also passionate about supporting up-and-coming designers, as well as women in business across all industries. As she often says, “if there isn’t room at the top for us all, then we will redesign it.”

Chantilly, VA
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Sallie’s Favorites

Music to Fuel Creativity

You can catch me often listening to my favorite Pandora stations: The Cranberries Radio, Chris Stapleton Radio and The Rolling Stones Radio.

Source of Inspiration

I adore inspiration from Paris and England. I also love antique shopping and finding something from the past that looks more modern — I love to give that piece a new light and life in my designs!

My Rowe Design

The goal for this modern yet romantic space was to blend luxurious style with some of Sallie’s current favorite materials, such as velvet, gold accents, and graphic wallpaper. With a playful and refined feminine spirit in mind, Sallie focused on a palette including delicate pinks and bold black, with gold highlights and patterned details that create a soft yet high-contrast aesthetic. Punchy, graphic wallpaper delivers a little edge, infusing the space with abstract patterns inspired by natural textures such as marble and shagreen. Overall, says Sallie of her strikingly stylish space, “the look is large, but the design is livable luxury.”

I see a modern bosslady using this space to lounge, work, and enjoy cocktails.

Featured Products

1. Adeline Chandelier Regina Andrew
2. Jaki Throw Amity Home
3. Grove End Table Rowe Occasional
4. Pomona Drinkware Accent Decor
5. Ellice Lounger, Fabric: 13695-17 Rowe Furniture
6. Nouveau NOU02 Pillow Jaipur Living
7. Marble Mirage Wallpaper Mural – Polychrome Mitchell Black
8. Ebano Vases Accent Decor
9. Satellite SAT02 Rug Jaipur Living
10. The Swan Shadow Catchers
11. Nicco Credenza Rowe Occasional
12. Cleo 17” Ottoman, Fabric: 11416-05 Rowe Furniture
13. Grady 96” Sofa – Metal Legs, Fabric: 16261-31 Rowe Furniture
14. Muse Cocktail Table Rowe Occasional
15. Neoma Bench, Fabric: 14195-82 Rowe Furniture
16. Ophelia Chair, Fabric: 12429-61 Rowe Furniture

My Rowe Design space is inspired by the look and things that I personally love and have sourced.

Inspired by the idea of a powerful modern woman who loves to entertain, Sallie turned to some of her own best-loved pieces to make the space shine. “I wanted to bring the room to life with favorite pieces that I have used for myself or projects,” the designer says, “to create a cohesive space in a new light and vision.” Curvaceous elements play a large role, from the gentle arc of a pair of Neoma Benches to the soft contours of the Cleo Ottomans and Ophelia Chairs. The 96” Grady Sofa is a large-scale knockout dressed in classic black velvet, offering plenty of seating room for guests to gather at cocktail hour. Our Ellice Lounger, a favorite pick of the designer’s, makes a lovely counterpoint to the sofa in pale blush velvet. The result is a welcoming space with fashion-forward charm.

Top Five Design Rules

Design in good taste
Don’t be afraid to mix metals, patterns, and styles
Don’t be boring
Design a livable space
Play with contrasting colors

Bespoke design is not just for the top design tier. People are finally ready to invest to have their home look and feel customized to them.

Sallie’s Favorite Materials