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After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and holding a twelve-year tenure at another firm, DuVäl opened his eponymous business in the fall of 2017. DuVäl Design, LLC projects range from one-room, turn-key deliverables, to completely custom homes. DuVäl has been featured in Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, The Washington Post and others, and has been honored in several publications as “The One to Watch” and “Hot Talent.” He was selected as one of the 2022 HPMKT Style Spotters and is currently the co-chair of HPMKT Diversity Advocacy Alliance. Besides his full-service design firm, he also has a multi-line cabinetry company and recently launched House of DuVäl, a curated collection of home furnishings.

Fairfax, VA
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My Rowe Design by DuVäl Design, LLC

DuVäl was inspired to create a truly innovative look using Rowe, exploring a look that is adaptable to both commercial and residential applications. A palette of warm rust, coral, garnet and gold tones sets the stage for DuVäl’s ideal client. The designer imagined the space being inhabited by a strong woman who is “comfortable in her skin and has a certainty in her step.” Sculptural accent furnishings such as the Optic Cocktail Table, as well as Journey and Reverie End Tables, add an artistic aesthetic that suggests sophisticated taste. “[This client] is her own boss and doesn’t need permission to be herself, ” says DuVäl. The space, like the imagined client, exudes a masculine strength wrapped in powerful feminine energy.

🙶 My Rowe Design is… Bold, Seductive, Voluptuous

Featured Products

1. Caesar Wall Decor, Gold And Black Cyan Design
2. Sloane Blush Pillow Amity Home
3. Echelon Console Table Regina Andrew
4. Josephine Feather Chandelier Regina Andrew
5. Stoicism Sculpture, Gold Cyan Design
6. Paper Rabbits – Sunlit Rose Wallpaper Mitchell Black
7. Baldwin Swivel Chair, Fabric: 13695-16 Rowe Furniture
8. Dried Pampas Grass Accent Decor
9. Journey End Table  Rowe Occasional
10. Madeline Short Sofa, Fabric: 25666-11 Rowe Furniture
11. Ink Figure Study IV Shadow Catchers
12. Caspian Sectional Single Armless Seat, Fabric: 13295-30 Rowe Furniture
13. Catalyst Rug Jaipur Living
14. Reverie End Table Rowe Occasional
15. Bernie Swivel, Fabric: 13695-17 Rowe Furniture
16. Optic Cocktail Table Rowe Occasional
17. Venetian Dressing Room Mirror Regina Andrew
18. Redford Sconce Regina Andrew

🙶 The client in mind was a strong, curvaceous Black woman, with striking, thick-rimmed glasses and a styled ‘do.

“I wanted to lean into more of a commercial and multi-functional design,” says the designer, “rather than just creating a pretty room.” The clean lines of our Caspian Sectional and Bernie Swivel Chair provide a modern feel in this space, combining strength and softness. In a commercial application, this contemporary aesthetic is stylish enough to suit just about any client or situation. “But for a residential approach,” says DuVäl, “it feels most suited for someone who loves to entertain — a person who enjoys lively conversations and an all-night hang-sesh.” With these things in mind, DuVäl leaned into the idea of creating a space with a “speakeasy” feel that was bold but still felt approachable. “It has a more basement-loungey vibe,” the designer says, “rather than a traditional, formal living space.”

If this space was a cocktail, it would be… While this space leans into the traditional feminine color schemes, I’d still have to go with an Old-Fashioned. It’s such a classic, and is always reserved for someone who wants a strong and robust drink.

Top Trends for 2023

I’m into adding more natural elements like exposed woods and concrete into spaces. We are definitely moving toward moodier rooms, and are excited to use dramatic countertops, audacious and daring wallpaper, and oversized pillows. Most importantly, we’re all about moving forward with confidence and breaking design rules.

Top Five Essential Elements

Scaled Furniture
Proper Lighting
Textured Fabric
Blended Colors
Unexpected Touches

🙶 We’re inspired by the bounds in which we can work and the risks we can take to achieve something edgy and unexpected.

Top Five Favorite Materials