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Ashley Higgins

Ashley Higgins is a Fort Worth-based designer, also known as “the girl with the green couch” — a Rowe Madeline Sofa in gorgeous green velvet! After moving several times in the last dozen years, Ashley’s love for interiors grew and developed into a full time creative career. Her design preferences often sway towards traditional design, but her “chic and ageless but not overly fancy” style often incorporates playful color, prints and mixed patterns as well. Ashley’s overall goal is for every client’s space to feel exceptionally put-together and timeless, but as the backdrop to their lives it should also feel comfortable, homey, and family-friendly.

Fort Worth, TX
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Ashley’s Favorites

Music to Fuel Creativity

Forrest Frank, Wild Rivers, Noah Kahan, Taylor Swift, Ben Rector, and Maverick City Music.

Source of Inspiration

Instagram, magazines, and the work of other designers are SO inspiring to me. I also love traveling and enjoy studying things as I walk around — I feel like my eyes are always looking at the detail behind the craftsmanship.

My Rowe Design

Cozy quality time with loved ones was the inspiration for Ashley Higgins’s My Rowe Design, evoking rainy days and snowy evenings spent snuggling up with a book or a deck of cards. “I pictured this room never being allowed to house a television,” the designer describes her space, imagining instead a playful gathering place for family & friends. Ashley’s design is both relaxing and invigorating, with a vivid palette that draws inspiration from a favorite film. “As I dreamt up this space, I kept being drawn back to the movie Emma…each room holding pastels and bright walls, colors melting into another.” A brilliant pink and red floral wallpaper strikes a bold note in this space, as well as a pair of Brooke Chairs in vivid pistachio with an unexpected pop of contrast from dark red piping. The comfortably chic Boden Sofa in apricot velvet is a particular favorite of Ashley’s, bringing another pastel into the mix along with the luxe yet kid-friendly appeal of velvet.

I wanted this room to be…a place to read, play games, do a puzzle, and to cozy up and spend family time.

Featured Products

1. Kyoto Ceramic Table Lamp Regina Andrew
2. Adobe Side Table Rowe Occasional
3. Lady Lemon Vase Accent Decor
4. Paria Vase Accent Decor
5. Four of Clubs, Seven of Hearts, Three of Clubs, Four of Hearts Shadow Catchers
6. Devon Picture Light Large Regina Andrew
7. Wallpaper Sabrina Floral by Furbish Mitchell Black
8. Cleo Round Ottoman, 17”x 19″, Fabric: 22947-58 Rowe Furniture
9. River Reed Basin Chandelier Regina Andrew
10. Chinoiserie Panel III & IV Shadow Catchers
11. Hope Sconce Regina Andrew
12. Boden Sofa, Fabric: 13695-16 Rowe Furniture
13. Tinsley Accent Chair, Fabric: 12932-75 Rowe Furniture
14. Margosa Throw Jaipur Living
15. Square Ottoman, 20″, Fabric: 12932-75 Rowe Furniture
16. Salinas Rug Jaipur Living
17. Finch Dining Armless Chair, Fabric: 13695-34 Rowe Furniture
18. Finch Slip Dining Banquette, Fabric: 17137-59 Rowe Furniture
19. Brooke Ottoman, Fabric: 13155-52 Rowe Furniture
20. Brooke Chair, Fabric: 15837-36 & 12429-61 Rowe Furniture

I have a strong sentiment for a traditional home but am also very partial to color, patterns and print mixing.

Iconic elements abound in this space, from the timeless elegance of basketweave and chinoiserie prints — seen here on the Finch Dining Banquette and Tinsley Chair — to the familiar symbols of playing cards in the artwork. Even the curvaceous sides of our Adobe Spot Table make it resemble a game piece just waiting to be placed on a board, the perfect accessory for this fun yet elevated family space.

Top Five Design Rules

The client must love it, not me! I want them to be excited to get every single item we selected into their home.
Color is not scary. The easiest bang for your buck is paint!
I rarely do accent walls — I love for the room to feel like ONE cohesive space.
Don't forget about the ceiling when using paint!
The room is not done without side tables, lamps, art and accessories. Finish the space to the point of photography!

I am a person that loves to have music on ALL the time. It’s the background to my work days, my car rides, and everything in between.

Ashley’s Favorite Materials