Alison Giese

Alison Giese Interiors

Alison Giese brings a uniquely varied perspective to her design work, balancing the sentimental value of clients’ treasures with her love of international travel and discovery when creating spaces that reflect her signature style. At her San Antonio-based boutique interior design firm, Alison Giese Interiors, she and her team bring a worldly and engaging aesthetic to their clients in projects that span from coast to coast. Her work has been featured in national and regional publications, and her firm was selected as one of the top 100 designers in the Washington, DC area.

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Design Credit: Alison Giese Interiors
Photo Credit: Robert Radifera

Alison Giese’s Favorites

Rowe Piece

The Asher Sectional Sofa is pretty great. We used it in a project a few years ago, and always get compliments on it.

Go-to Material

Stripes, velvets, and stubby linens.

Place to Find Inspiration

I love being inspired by fantastic hotels. I feel like they’re places where designers are often allowed to be “extra,” so that the guests’ experience is truly transportive.

My Rowe Design by Alison Giese Interiors

A refined global aesthetic featuring warm, earth-toned textiles and intriguing textures delivers a sense of excitement and discovery in Alison’s My Rowe Design space, inspired by the allure of travel. A large grouping of seating options featuring our spacious Madeline slipcover sofa along with the Ellice lounger, Ingrid chairs and Cleo ottomans creates a welcoming space for entertaining both small groups and large parties. An upscale bohemian blend of brass, jute, and patterns ranging from African to Southwestern influence creates the ideal environment for those who love lounging in luxury.

“The inspiration behind My Rowe Design is earthiness and texture. I love films like The English Patient and Out of Africa where the style is that sort of classic safari vibe.”

“I imagine this space for a family who is sophisticated and worldly, but very friendly and casual.”

Simple geometric forms are a recurring theme in Alison’s My Rowe Design, from the long bench seats of the sofa and lounger to the round ottomans, echoed in the circular shapes seen in the lighting, mirrors and accessories. “As I sorted through the fabrics and made selections,” she says, “I realized I was channeling that [safari] feel, with the palette of olive, creams, browns and blacks.” Solid woven textiles in rich yet natural hues provide a welcome counterpoint to the layers of pattern in the space. “The lines on the furniture were purposely kept modern, as was the lighting,” says Alison, adding, “I love the mix!”

“I love traveling and…I’m inspired by the way that a city or place tells the story of those who live in it, just like we try to tell the story of our clients’ homes through our design.”